windows 95 custom boot screen and thingy

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This really took me a while to make, lmao.
Recently, I've been quite a sucker for VMs and PC emulators since I've discovered PCem. It's pretty much fantastic for running DOS-based Windows, as I didn't had luck installing it on VMware or VirtualBox.
At one point though, I wanna drift away from using emulators and get an old computer (and then get DOS games lol) to run stuff on it. It'll be tough.

As I said, the content will differ from now on. I hope I can captate an alternative audience with my new content, which is going to be music, tech, or other nerdy/niche stuff (That is if I actually want to upload content or whatever.).
But next up, I will be attempting to install Windows 3.0 on a 8088/8086 processor. It's theoretically possible because 3.0 supports Real Mode.