General Rules
Just don't be a huge idiot. This is a site made for fun.
This is a site aimed towards recreating 2013 YouTube.
The players + JS of the site is owned by YouTube. It is not ours.
FulpTube is not associated in any way with Google LLC.
All content found violating the USA's laws and federal regulations will be removed and the account associated with it banned.
All attempts at ban evasion will NOT BE TOLERATED and will end up with a ban from FulpTube.
No NSFW, no bigotry, no homophobia, and just use common sense. Thanks.

Bug Reports + Video Reports
If you see a video breaking the TOS, please notify us at the discord in the footer.
Found a bug? report it in the #bug-reports channel in the discord.

Email: [email protected]
Official Discord Server: In the footer
Discord: bhief cazinga#5644

We do NOT store IPs. All that is stored is your password, email, and username.
Other things that are stored are your videos, comments, etcettera. You can request to retrieve them.
We do not sell data.
Have any privacy concerns? The discord is located above.

Make sure you're not making money off of music that is playing in a video's background.
You can upload raw full songs as long as you give the original publisher credit.
Impersonation of other trademarked or copyrighted companies is not tolerated.
You have to make it easily noticeable that your channel is a parody if it is.

I forgot my password.
Join the Discord for support regarding passwords.

I made FulpTube as a project for fun and I never expected so much traction and attention for it.
I'm keeping this site up as long as I can.
You should join the Discord if you want to talk to the community.

Who's the owner of this site?
chief bazinga