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This is KSPortalcraft , If you like gaming videos , and the occasional review or tech video. You came to the right place! I try to post every day! Please leave feedback in discussion , any feedback would be very appreciated!

My PC Specs: Amd Ryzen 5600x
, a X570 Aorus Elite WiFi , 32 gb of ddr4 ram , Gtx 1060 (3gb , going to get a new amd got in a few months) , and Manjaro Linux! Oh and a elgto 60 , to record my xbox 360 s and Wii U.

Software I Use: I use Gimp for making thumbnails , openshot for video editing , and firefox or chromium for uploading.

My second channel: https://fulptube.rocks/user?n=KSPortalcraft2

My Mastdon: